Information about Rent-a-Park

How it works


How do I list my parking space for rent?
If you own one or more parking spaces and want to list them for rent, click on the "List your space!" button on the top right corner to get started. Make sure you fill in all the required fields, upload one or two pictures of the space and save your listing. Someone will rent it soon!

What is the difference between "hourly", "daily" or "monthly" listings?
We want to give everyone the flexibility to rent out their parking space at their convenience. When you list your parking space, you can choose if you want to rent it out by the hour (setting a price per hour), by the day (setting a price per day) or by the month (setting a price per month).
For example: if your parking space is available for rent when you are at work, we recommend you choose "hourly" listing; if instead you are looking to have your parking space rented for long terms, perhaps "monthly" listing is more appropriate.
Please note: at the moment the "availability" feature is active only on "daily" listings. This means that when reserving a parking space that is listed as "daily", the user will see a calendar with availability. If another user already rented the space for few days, those days will be unavailable to the first user. "Hourly" and "monthly" listings do not have such feature right now, and we recommend owner to be in contact with interested users to inform on availability and times. 

How do I get paid for the parking spaces I rent out?
To get paid for your parking spaces, you'll need a PayPal account. Once you have that, click on your name in the upper menu, then select "Payments" on the left, and follow the instructions to connect your PayPal account to your Rent-a-Park account. Payments will end up in your PayPal account.

How much does listing the parking space cost?
Listing the parking space is free. We take a fee on transactions equal to 15%, and this is charged on the cost you have set for the listed parking space once it is reserved (and only after you have confirmed the transaction). PayPal also charges a fee, that is generally between 2% and 5%, depending on different factors (you can have all information about PayPal's fees by visiting this page).

Deposit payment
Since the drivers renting a parking space listed on Rent-a-Park pay for the space in advance, it is not necessary to require a deposit payment.

How do I reserve the space I want?
Once you have found the parking space that suits your needs, you can reserve it by clicking the "reserve" button in the parking space description. For "daily" listings, you also have to choose the days in which you want to use the space from the calendar. For "hourly" and "monthly" listings, we recommend to leave a comment to the parking space owner to specify when exactly you want to use the space.
Please note: the parking space owner will have to confirm your reservation. Only once the owner has confirmed the reservation, your credit card will get charged and you can use the parking space.

How much does reserving a parking space cost?
Reserving a parking space is free. You only pay the cost set by the owner. So for example, if a parking space is €2,00/hour, and you rent it for 5 hours, your cost will be €10,00 (no additional cost).

What is "mark as completed"?
After you have used the parking space for as long as agreed with the owner, you will have to mark the transaction "as complete". Marking as complete means that the service was delivered, or that in any case the specific transaction is closed. After marking as complete, both owner and renter can leave feedback on their experience.

Why is feedback important?
Rent-a-Park is based on the direct interaction between parking space owners and users. Leaving feedback after the transaction is complete is important to let other people know that the person you've dealt with is reliable, or for example to let them and others know what could be improved for future transactions. Leaving feedback will make Rent-a-Park better for everybody to use!

If you have any other question, or ideas to improve the Rent-a-Park service, feel free to send us a message using this form: contact us.